Wild Boar Breakfast Package

£ 25.00


Enjoy the extra flavour you get from organic fed, free range wild boar. This succulent piece of meat has truly great flavour. Our delicious Wild Boar breakfast pack comes straight from our farm here in the Golden Vale of Ireland. You have not tasted a real Irish / English breakfast until you have tried one made from Wild Boar sausage ,bacon and pudding. Of course use Organic eggs when cooking with our exceptional cuts of Wild Boar.

Breakfast pack contains.
1 x Black Pudding (500g), 1 x White Pudding (500g), 4 Slices of Bacon & 454g of Sausages.

Benefits Of Our Organic Grass-Fed Produce
Organic Wild Boar comes from livestock raised without hormones, steroids and are pestiside free
Free-range Wild Boar benefit from a more varied diet which increases the nutritional content of the meat
Nowadays less than 3% of Boar meat is raised outdoors Internationally. At Ballinwillin House farm our Wild Boar are free to root the ground for their nutrients. Their diet is then supplemented with organic oat feed which results in Boar meat of the highest nutritional quality
Wild Boar have 80% red muscle fibre as opposed to 20% in the domestic pig. The result is Boar Meat with fantastic flavours. Wild Boar is a fantastic source of protein with raw wild Boar having 26.1g of protein per 100g serving. This makes our Organic Wild Boar a brilliant meat for athletes, bodybuilders or people who in general like to look after their health and fitness.


Rich In Omega-3
Research has shown that people who eat grass-fed meats show an improved level of omega-3 levels This leads to much better heart health. Also over time as Omega-3 blood levels rise a person can expect an increase in good cholesterol and a decrease in the bad cholesterol. As an alternative to oily fish which provides omega-3 (that a lot of people do not like to eat regularly), our Venison and Wild Boar Meat provides a tasty alternative which helps you to look after your heart and cholesterol at the same time!


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