Goat Steak


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A lean source of protein and easily raised, chevron (goat meat) is the most frequently eaten meat in the world. Roasted, Curried, or Stewed, chevon maintains its unique flavour, and is sought after by Home Cooks and Gourmet Chefs alike.

Our Goat Steak is cut from the most tender part of the Goat and delivered to you in perfect condition. Goat Steak really is a treat and when tasted rarely forgotten.
No hormones, growth accelerators, or medicated (antibiotic-containing) feed are ever used on any animals.

The best grass and water ensure that we deliver the best Goat / Chevron to your table. Our naturally raised goats are bred underneath the beautiful Galtee Mountains and in the valley of the Golden Vale.

The Golden Vale is an area of rolling pastureland in the province of Munster, south-western Ireland.
Covering parts of three counties, Limerick, Tipperary and Cork, it is the best land in Ireland for dairy and the organic farming of Venison, Wild Boar and Goat. Historically, and occasionally to this day, it has been called the Golden Vein. An early instance is an 1837 book by Jonathan Binns, a British government official, where he refers to the area as ‘”the golden vale” (more correctly the “golden vein”)’ and states “The land is of excellent quality, being part of the golden vein of Ireland—a district reaching from Tipperary through Cork and towards Limerick. The extent of the golden vein is about
fourteen miles long, by six or seven wide.

The Golden Vale is bordered in the east by the Galtee Mountains, with the Glen of Aherlow as a picturesque abutting valley. The Munster Blackwater valley is the Vale’s southern part. Towns in the Golden Vale include Charleville, Mitchelstown, Kilmallock and Tipperary.
There is no better place in Ireland to rear animals that give such deliciously tasty meat.


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