Your Heritage

Discover Your Past and have a Great Holiday

Since the time of the great potato famine in the 1840’s Irish people have been emigrating all over the world. It is no surprise that today many people of Irish decent return to Ireland to trace their ancestral roots.

Mitchelstown is situated in the middle of Munster with easy access to all major urban centre’s in the south or Ireland, This is why many people choose Mitchelstown as a location to base themselves as they begin the journey of tracing their roots.

At Ballinwillin House we understand the importance of links to the past, we understand tradition and we understand how exciting it is to uncover our past history.

If you are coming to this area of Ireland looking to trace your ancestors staying at Ballinwillin House is a good start. We will:

– Help you get access to local parish records

– Book a meeting with a local historian

– Connect you with the heritage society in Mitchelstown

– …..and ensure you get the finest of food and wine during your stay!

So come enjoy our hospitality, discover your past and have great holiday.