Our Heritage

Ballinwillin House is one of the oldest functional houses in Mitchelstown. It was build in 1727 by the Earl of Kingston who owned Mitchelstown Castle. He built it for the famous agriculturalist Sir Arthur Young. The house stood on the 502 hectre (1,240 acre) Mitchelstown Demesne. The demesne was enclosed by a 10.5 kilometre (6.5 miles) long limestone wall which stood at an average of three-metres (10ft) in height.

The current residents of the house are the Mulcahy family who acquired it in 1985.

During his Majesty George the IV’s visit to Ireland in 1820, the King promised the Earl that he would stay in Mitchelstown on his next visit to Ireland. Unfortunately, no such return trip was made.

190 years later the current British monarch Queen Elizabeth the II was visiting Ireland and considered staying in Ballinwillin House. Given its roots and connections with the royal family Buckingham Palace thought this might be an appropriate opportunity for the return visit promised by George the IV in 1820, but unfortunately due to scheduling difficulties it wasn’t to be.

The letter from Buckingham Palace is below: